photo montage of halloweekend

when i read blogs, all i really want to see is pictures. when it is 11 pm and i’m feeling like an old lady, its hard to conjure up the words to explain myself. halloween 2011. i will just say it was great. dressing up for no reason at all is all the reason i need and spending the day working at a peds office is great because parents would much rather go to their child’s costume parade than have a doctor swab their throat! anyways, here’s the pics, feel free to connect the dots! 

 i carved a pumpkin. sometimes i dream of getting this exact image tatooed on the bottom of my foot.

 biker chick. belle. meg. (disney should probably make a movie about a member of hell’s angels. they’ve missed that one!)

we spent some time crafting boys’ halloween costumes. meet chester. the real question is does his parole officer know he’s out for a night on the town?
but he brought candy, so we didn’t ask too many questions. good thing he’d already found his lost puppy earlier that day…

 us and said rat. which is more disturbing? you be the judge.

 family halloween party! the convict escaped!

 next year i might have to jump on that morphsuit bandwagon. but to snag a physique like harrison i think my diet will have to start tomorrow…

 this baby.

 living dead!

 this baby was not enjoying my company

 cat lady for halloween. (next year?)

 let the games begin!

 i don’t advise trying to compete with the creative stylings of food a la virchow family.

 case and point.

 mixing up the costumes! notice that full bowl of dark chocolate mint 3 musketeers- the rejects of halloween candy and the last thing sitting on the candy shelves of the grocery store at 6:45 halloween night!

attempting to capture the disney theme with kelsey’s disneyland license plate… yeah.

it was good times all around… and i can’t believe tomorrow is november first and that means winter and snow in the forecast tomorrow.
that is another thing for which i have no words.
happy halloween, friends.

a whole month of thankful starts tomorrow.

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