good feeling 8

today was all about the small victories….
ie: zupas catering work lunch, thus leading me to drink that tomato basil bisque of the gods like it was going out of style

making it in and out of the temple with britni before the crazy byu crowds hit

buying a brand spanking new jar of smart balance creamy peanut butter and eating it with a spoon. <– seriously the best peanut butter. get you some.

hosting dinner group and 1. making brussel sprouts and cauliflower fancy and tasteful and edible by boys and 2. reheating a full pan of meaty lasagna that was semi-stolen from break-the-fast on sunday and calling it good home cooking.

buying a watercolor set on a whim. new favorite activity? probably. especially when paired of episodes of  this american life. (seriously, listen to this story. it is hilarious and will strike a chord with all those who made it out of middle school in one piece)

day eight- it was a good day. i did all the things i never have time to do when i am buried in college life. however, i am more or less itching to get back into school. i miss structure. i miss sitting in the library on the fifth floor wanting to gauge my eyes out as i read microbiology textbooks. i miss walking up rape hill and never knowing which of the identical classrooms physiology is in, even though i’ve gone to class every day for 7 weeks. i miss the pitiful daily universe newspaper. i even miss the awkward couples doing their thing. but don’t get me wrong, i don’t miss it all enough to not enjoy every second of my freedom currently….. it is just nice to know that in 2 short months i will be back at it and getting stuff done…. because for me, that is where my true good feeling is.

another small victory? finding gem pictures like this in photobooth. i miss my missionary buds

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