good feeling 24

my aunt sent this to me tonight. i laughed.
so my thanksgiving was pretty good. and yours? i seriously never cease to amaze myself with the amounts of food i can stuff into my body. its ridiculous.

times 3?
my galette. it was…. meh. the pecan pie was where it was AT.
window shopping sans windows

the “i just ate my body’s weight in sweet potatoes” face

just some friendly family competition. jan is grandma. grandma is really good at dice.

because no holiday can be complete without a deep drama about the holocaust
but i lit the christmas tree… and all that jolly counteracts the depressing movie, right? 

day twenty four- i loved today. thanksgiving is great. i got to hang out with the family, eat eat eat, and just relax. it would have been even better if i could have been at home in boise, but saying here just makes me anticipate going home for christmas that much more. i’m so grateful to have family here to take me under their wing in the meantime! the time has come to turn up pandora’s peaeeful holiday, cook up some gingerbread men, and make a certain infamous paper chain.

christmas 2011. its on. 
(and thanks for hanging in with me while i posted all these ramblings every day this month… back to your regularly scheduled programming!)

One comment

  1. Just so you know, I am the one who sent you the comic strip. My phone was almost dead and wouldn't let me send any pictures that I had taken. So, ahem, please give credit where credit is due… haha The pies looked delicious! We didn't have any pumpkin pie, only pumpkin cheesecake but I made do. :)We missed you and wished you could have been there to play phase 10 with us to give Tresa and Lexi some competition!

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