thirteen hours and a little star struck

i brushed elbows with fame today. welllll kind of.
there is one doctor in my office who seems to be the pediatrician of all the on-the-cusp-of-provo-famers. if that makes sense? anyways, today i checked in yet another one of the lot… the mother of a certain gledhill baby. mindy gledhill, herself!
i was a little tongue tied as i tried to explain her preventative care benefits. i stumbled around trying to find a questionnaire for her to fill out. i wanted to ask her about all her famous blog pals… like good ol c. jane, who i want to be best friends with, or natalie, who i just want to show me the nyc sites. instead when she was about to go sit down i told her i liked her music like an idiot. greeeeeeeat.
we’ll just leave the talking and singing to her. (ps, if you’re reading this mindy, you never called me back to give me your insurance info. i forgive you)

One comment

  1. Lindsay is basically obsessed with this album at the moment. Continually singing her songs and she actually sounds a little like her. Just have Linds sing to you when you come home and you'll get a little Mindy fix.She is famous down there in Utah County I hear. Cool!

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