three truths

i have the beginnings of an online shopping addiction. for real. christmas shopping this year was done almost entirely via interweb. i just get too sidetracked at real stores. couches and sweatpants suit me better. the other day these mocks came for me in the mail and i am pretty sure they haven’t left my feet since. i’m more or less infatuated. they’re minnetonka and wonderful… and they make me feel like i should habitually be singing “colors of the wind”

nope, i am not driving with my foot. i’ve been wearing this pair of socks on my hands every day this week and last on my commute to work. i’ve got gloves somewhere…. but at this current time socks are getting the job done just fine. another truth is the fact that i really don’t even know whose socks these are….

yesterday kelsey and i went on a birthday day to terra mia…. wonderful italian food that still has me hooked and dreaming. i ordered tomato soup…. and while it was lovely and i wanted to backstroke in it, i keep wondering why exactly i didn’t go for the delicious looking pizza they had. ohhhh maaaan i’ve gotta go back… and with delectable gelato to boot, i’m pretty sure it will be sooner than later. pistachio and coconut. it is what dreams are made of.

you just need a picture of a christmas tree. that is all! only working half a day tomorrow… hallelujah my kitchen needs a clean.

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