things for a monday

it boggles my brain that even though i am most likely the only one still living in my building, the water in my shower still does not stay hot for more than 3.4 minutes.

i bought a bag of mixed vegetables with ten servings inside. i’ve managed to eat half of it and i am more or less determined to finish it by thursday…. stir fry for breakfast! stir fry for lunch! stir fry for dinner!

i am really good at getting stupidly addicted to tv shows. right now it’s parenthood… don’t ask me why, the show isn’t even funny but they play bob dylan in the credits and i just feel like the bravermans are my friends. all the seasons are on netflix, which is not helping my problem… hello christmas break waster!

i have been pretty good at dodging excess christmas foodstuffs this year up until this last weekend. maybe it’s the fact that emily made awesome gingerbread cookies. or my grandma rocks at making toffee. perhaps it lies in the fact that our break room counter at work has turned into my own personal candy buffet? when the candy popcorn comes out, my self control flies right out that window.

my gym class instructor was playing brittany spears christmas at class today. now that awful stuff is mildly stuck in my head so i’m currently trying to down it out with some of the following. i’ll just take my sufjan stevens christmas album. thanks!

if you’re smart, you’ll itunes that album. if you’re smarter, you’ll download spotify and listen to the whole thing for FREE because that man’s voice is like sweet, sweet buttah.

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