picture a day 1-7

buckle up, blogging buds, the time has come to start a photo journey through 2012! i saw this idea floating around twitter and thought it’d be fun to join in. i encourage you to do the same, even if you’re a week late! 

1- yours truly… in case you forgot what i look like with anime eyes.
2- breakfast! my favorite meal of the day. bagel thin, banana chocolate spread and bananas. mmm1325990609877
3- i adore the boise river. and the greenbelt. and the beautiful weather. 1325990341651
4- letterbox. i promise i don’t live in a haunted house? 1325990371818
5- i wear this every day thanks to linds and christmas presents! love it 1325990306898
6- lunch at chipotle and this friend are both things that make me smile. PERFECT DAY. 1325990402608
7- my new favorite… these shoes. drool 1325990293496
so school has started and blogging has definitely been put on the backburner. my days are crazy. i eat all my meals in cars or on my way across campus. i am already forgetting homework assignments and losing my mind a little, but life is good, and it snowed today so i am less worried about serious droughts come summer. oh my life. happy weekend!

One comment

  1. I love this idea! Keep 'em coming – photos that is!You are definitely going to love those Frees. I don't want to part with mine, but I seriously need a new pair. Especially when I look at yours being all shiny new and such.

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