photo of the day(s) 22- 28

january is almost past. (thank you heaven above)
don’t let the above picture fool you. if you follow me on twitter you’ll know yesterday i was all stoked on getting up and skiing after work since class was cancelled. yeah, i went…. on two runs. and then i went home. the mountain was a straight up sheet of ice! i feel like i would have had better luck if i’d have brought a pair of ice skates rather than strapped on those skis of death. an hour later i was back in provo running 15 400 m sprints… because my obvious death of choice is by treadmill, not “falling off a mountain” as my mom would say. (mom, when i was [this] close to falling off the mountain all i could hear was your voice)
on to the pictures of the week!
22- your shoes. hey, best christmas gift of my life boots!
23- something old. okay, so there are a lot of “old” things here, ie my ancient 3 year old macbook with alzheimers aka no battery life, but what i want to direct your attention to is the fact that my table has no power so i have to drape my power cord aross the walkway to another table’s plug. classy, byu!
24- guilty pleasure. i went to zuppas and bought tomato soup. i felt like i was cheating on my immersion blender.
25- something you made. a shload of copies at work!
26- something colorful. funny story here- a dentist office gave our office a “groundhog’s day” basket. in it? stickers, pencils, groundhog figurines, and a six lb bag of gummybears. if getting presents is what groundhog’s day brings i don’t care if phil sees his shadow!
27- lunch. do not be fooled- this is no ordinary salad in no ordinary popcorn bowl sized dish. leftover salad from brick oven office meeting + raspberry vinaigrette (both words i can never spell on the first try)+  almonds = welcome to my lunchbreak life
28- light. or lack, thereof in my apartment. sometimes i dream of a huge kitchen with big bay windows and no winter lighting. if wishes were fishes!

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  1. Yay! You made a great choice and turned to the treadmill. That's a huge sigh of relief on my part! Glad you like your boots! {I like 'em too}. Sorry about the sucky light in your sucky apartment. Go live with grandma and you'll have great lighting! 🙂

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