photo a day(s) 33-42

you thought i’d forgotten about photo a day, huh?! well, i was in boise this weekend, so it got put on the backburner. but it’s back and ready to attack! onward.
29. inside your fridge. notice my staples: alternative milks and cinnamon swirl raisin bread. mmmmmm
30. nature. okay folks, this stuff is super natural and smells like straight up almond extract. i’m in love
31. you, again. hi- this is me pre-ski. post-ski is a scary look.
32. your view. environmental science every wednesday… three cheers for cinderblock walls!
33. words. i had some choice words for this traffic jam situation as i was trying to skip town!
34. hands.
35. a stranger. nothing like a little late night wendy’s… or the token fast food fam. that baby had some serious pipes and she knew how to use them.

and there you have it! in other news, remember this? i’ve got just a little over two months to complete it all! this week i’m being completely vegan. it’s real exciting… more on that later. i’m off to do some more home-workin! hasta pasta

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