vegan wednesday woot woot

so remember how i’m being vegan this week? it’s fun. it’s kind of normal… okay it’s not that normal but i like it. i figured people out there might be wondering “what the heck does vegan alyssa eat?!” 
alright, maybe you don’t really care that much, but if you do, well… consider all myths dispelled.
it was an early morning. i made these pancakes that were the. bomb. probably because i finally bought real maple syrup, which is probably laced with gold, but totally worth it. it reminded me of the time i was at britni’s 12th birthday party. her mom made us WHOLE WHEAT pancakes with REAL maple syrup. i wanted to barf. it was so…. natural and healthy. i wanted my golden griddle syrup. now i am just thinking, “wow, you stupid 12 year old girl!” anyways, the recipe can be found here, and i used almonds instead of walnuts.  

 lunch came and i ate this huge salad beast in my car. it looks small, but don’t be fooled, people. it was in a huge popcorn bowl. in the mix? red leaf lettuce, half a head of broccoli, half an avocado, a whole cup of chickpeas (i just can’t help myself), salsa, a couple almonds, and salt and pepper. it. was. awesome.

 dinner was foraged from my backyard! just kidding, i made it. joy the baker liked it, so i figured i would too… its toasted kale and coconut over farro. so good. so good! the recipe is here if you’re feeling adventurous… but too bad it didn’t fill me up and i had to wash it down with more chickpeas.

so there you have it. consider yourselves educated on my eating habits! throw in an apple, orange, and copious amounts of trailmix, and you know exactly what is in my stomach.

happy wednesday.

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