a weekend update.

the weekend began when the workday ended.
can i just say how glad i was that the work day was done? fridays are a godsend.
britni and i loaded up and beat the salt lake traffic! we talked and ate too many girl scout cookies. and cabury mini eggs. and trail mix. but i ate an apple, too, so all that is cancelled out. when we got hungry, i spotted a sign that said there was a subway off the exit, so we got off and travelled those 3.2 miles to get some food. hey, when you’re in a small town, those 3.2 miles are totally worth it. you know what wasn’t worth it, though? getting back on the freeway in the pitch blackness and realizing about an hour later that you’re, indeed, on the wrong freeway. detours through pocatello are nice, though. moments when you want to do a serious face palm make you learn.

saturday morning my sister and i went on a run together. she’s a good runner! she’s got long legs! we both survived, thank goodness. later on, my mom and i went to see the lady who made this whole weekend trip possible- melissa cole. my first knocked up high school pal! her baby shower was awesome and i am jealous of all the sweet threads and toys that baby is getting. i am not jealous of her inability to breathe easily. props to you, melissa. everyone is growing up. my friends all have huge rocks on their fingers, are buying houses, and making babies. my own sentiments can be expressed like this:

all the baby shower fun was followed up by a much anticipated trip to see the artist. such a great movie, people! that is, if you like silent black and white films with dramatic music and a lot of dancing. (is there anyone still out there?) we enjoyed it! after the movie we went home and sat around for a good hour trying to decide where to eat dinner. we ended up at lucky 13. such a great decision…. i ate like i’d never seen food before. seriously, why does my appetite exponentially grow when i go home?

sunday was church and hugs and goodbyes. britni and i drove back to utah and made a pit stop at the shiny new brigham city temple. it’s beautiful!

and that was the end to a very good weekend. boise, i love you! thanks to baby cole for making this trip possible.


  1. 1. hey you know what? Getting prennint IS getting more awesome. It's just divided up between more people. Right..? RIGHT??!!!2. you should know that the car carrier toy is the only toy we have legitimately enjoyed playing with as adults. the ramp moves! 3. I hear you like black and white dramas with lots of dancing. This brings to mind only one movie: They Shoot Horses, Don't They? I will wait until you have seen it to share in what sort of way it changed our lives forever. Haha.

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