21st birthday: the greatest hits via pics

whew! it’s over. 
21 is here… and can i say i milked birthday week for all it was worth? i see a lot of salads in the near future.
we started out with buntinis from nothing bundt cakes last friday
 they were just so gooooood
 special delivery all the way from diana all the way down in az!
 the closest i came to any beers…
 sunday called for lemon bundt cake.
 and THE DAY called for much feasting aka mormon food binge all day! malawi’s
 this could easily be my optimal last meal
 post lunch trip to the fortune teller. zoltair is a smart guy
 fortunes! evidentially i’ve got lots of friends in the armed forces?
 best birthday lunch courtesy of these gals.
 we killed time at blickenstaff’s and we found angelina’s babies!
 and tried on all the hats. pharaoh suits me well?
 or old man. you choose!
 tuesday night britni and i went pinky’s up at forage in slc. most of our food came from this greenhouse in the back! i’ll post on that later.
 the “did i really just drop a months worth of grocery money on dinner?” face
 and i came to the realization that yes. yes i did.
 but it was awesome.
 and i found this on my bed! 
 risque, no? 
 i got the best cards from the best friends! 
and just like that the day was done. it was so good! my friends and my family are great. i’m excited for what 21 has to offer. let’s do this!  


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