translation: pieces of my weekend and life as of now (rough translation)

here’s the rundown of what i have been up to this weekend from left to right, top to bottom.

the semester ended, which means i don’t have to run walk up these dreadful stairs every day. no matter how many times i walk up them i still end up wheezing at the top! also, that cookie from cafe fresh (so GOOD) may have been the best thing of my life. pumpkin chocolate chip and about the size of my face. i devoured it ever too quickly.

some friends and i went to city creek mall saturday night. the highlights were definitely the singing fountain and browsing tiffany’s…. and staring at this map of utah in the middle of the hallway for a good five minutes.

we also went made the trek to hatch family chocolates in the avenues. i don’t know if you know this, but the hatch family are little people that have their own TLC show so we just had to go and try to spy on them. too bad they weren’t working… but my pain was eased with this delicious salted caramel dark chocolate dream. if you need me, i’ll be driving to salt lake for this treasure exclusively.

also, this is how we spend a lot of our time as of late. spring fever has HIT meaning everyone is getting married and quite frankly, we are running out of magnets to support all these ring bearers. also, we spend a lot of our time playing i spy through the blinds. so maybe our apartment has the best view. maybe…

spring has arrived! these flowers greet me on my way to work. also, it is finals and i studied outside. also, the term “study is used loosely seeing as i basked in the sun with my eyes closed a good portion of the time.

that foam roller is a saving grace. my IT band has been hindering my running abilities for a good two or three months, and the other day when i was complaining to my marathoner friend, she told me to foam roll, and i could just kiss her for giving me such a nugget of advice. it hurts so good! also, this is my “clean out the pantry”  finals fare. it’s a real recipe… and a good one at that.

this picture symbolized the great hair debate 2012 i am having with myself. my bangs are an awkward length therefore i’ve been experimenting… with the middle part. oh good mercy me somebody get me a haircut. on a lighter note, it rained today and the low hanging clouds were wonderful. when they are all draped around the mountains like that i like to pretend i’m in the andes. it’s just a thing i do.

and this post ended up being a lot longer than i’d intended. here’s to being brief!

also, here’s to my friend melissa for birthing a child last friday. she’s my hero.


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