and the vagabondry continues

another semester of byu has come and gone. finals are over! i think i set a record today for the world’s fastest move out/move in. in the past three years at school i have moved 8 times, so it is safe to say i’m getting pretty good at it. i just can’t help myself…  there is just something so satisfying about being able to pack up everything you own and fit it all in your car!  (okay, times two trips) my grandma truly is a saint for letting me bum it at her place this summer to save some money for my fall adventures… which are going to be really great once everything is official. anyway, that is my life as of right now. i’m doing spring classes, so let the party definitely doesn’t end here.

oh, and this is a really great video that you may or may not have seen. only at byu… i will tell you what.

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