butter, butter, ladder, ladder and some big news

weird title for a post, right? let me explain.

tonight i decided that i wanted, no, NEEDED to learn how to roll my r’s. the internet is a magical place where you can type something as dim witted as “learning to roll your r’s”.  results pop up like magic, and all of a sudden you’re sitting in your grandma’s living room doing tongue exercises and yelling out BUTTER! and LADDER! over and over. the things i do. for spring term i am taking one single solitary class: spanish phonetics. it is unlike any other class i’ve ever taken, and mostly i leave feeling like an impostor because i can’t trill like the mexicans. or the spaniards.

oh, did someone mention spain? what a great segway into my next topic of discussion. you might have noticed that i have been a little more MIA than usual on this blog. it’s just that i’ve been so dang busy with this thing that i haven’t written about at all until now… the secret that isn’t actually that secret because i tell a handful of people every day. the news? t I AM GOING BACK TO SPAIN. and it is for real, this time. fall 2012 will take me back to my beloved alcalá de henares, where i will be doing research and (hopefully) correspondence with professors in my major. can i just say that i am really excited and that this is kind of a dream come true? if you have known me for even a minute you understand my feelings towards that place. i am a woman obsessed. i watch spanish news more often than american news. my computer background display is none other than the bright shining faces of the spanish hotties winning world cup 2010. it’s a problem. no, actually it totally isn’t.

the deets would probablybore you to tears, but my area of study is how working mothers affect their children’s dietary patterns, the prevalence of obesity, breakfast habits, and adherence to or deviation away from the mediterranean diet. i will be surveying mothers, analyzing data like a crazy person, and then crafting a PUBLISHABLE paper with the help of a byu professor who is my saving grace. oh, and all of this while simultaneously getting fat off of those ambrosia laced pastries, watching too much soccer, and perfecting my accent. (i am sure number one and two will happen. three…. a girl can dreamt)

i hope to make my language skills more fluid- grab that spanish language by the horns and make it my… make it my female lap dog. make some spanish friends. get some more life experience. breathe in a little fresh air. (actually spain’s air is the opposite of fresh. everything smells like stale cigarette smoke. and i love it.) right now i am feeling unprepared and the millions of thoughts of things i need to be doing make me want to spend a large portion of my time with my head between my knees, but i digress. spain is happening and i couldn’t be more thrilled.

in the meantime, AKA right now, i will spend large amounts of time reading every piece of literature published on anything related to the mediterranean diet, obesity, children, mothers, social demographics, breakfast, and what have you. my skin has never been more pale. it is sooooooooo worth it.

the minute the wheels of my departing flight left the ground and i looked out at madrid below me something in me told me that i’d return. if there is one thing this life has taught me, it is to grab hold of your passions and just run with it. trust your intuition and that good man upstairs. know that sacrifice makes ambition reality. things that are scary looking are often times the most worthwhile.

feel free to join this wild, wild ride.

ps. will someone remind me of that last paragraph when i’m in the thick of my research and things are falling apart? thanks in advance

One comment

  1. “feel free to join this wild, wild ride.”

    Umm okay…I’ll join! Haha PS I am totally going to blog while in Spain! You’re gonna need to help keep me on my game haha

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