a little pit stop at snow canyon

after the ironman last week we stopped at snow canyon to do a little hiking around. (we had to get a little exercise before our excursion to golden corral per josh’s request…. the ironman gets what the ironman wants!)

i call this one “hasn’t showered in three days”this was before they decided to stuff grandma’s bag with rocks and make her unknowingly pack around the extra five pounds.  some of those hiking, rock throwing, coming thisclose to falling off cliffs, cute cousins of minesomeone bet weston he couldn’t run up to the top of the hill/plateau/mountain. those virchows just can’t pass up a good bet. we did a lot of scratching our heads and pondering on how the heck the earth formed like this… which then led us to a discussion of how useless a geology major is. we did our best to keep the children away form the cactuses…. but it was fine, because they liked throwing rocks at each other more.

nature is cool, no?

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