if this doesn’t spike your blood pressure, well… you might be dead.

if you were a fly on the wall watching me lately, this is what you would have seen me doing for the last couple weeks. you probably would have fallen asleep from boredom. watching the grass grow most likely would have been more of a thrill. you know how the fly in bug’s life says, “i got 24 hours to live and i ain’t gonna waste it here?” i’d take that fly’s advice.

did i really just quote a random disney movie? clearly i’m getting a little loopy from all this research.

it’s a good thing i’ve been in good company.

let me just take this moment to tell you that research projects are kind of heavy stuff… and i had no idea. BUT i am keeping my eyes on the prize and letting this be my mantra:

suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

ps that chocolate pictured above? dark chocolate with salted almonds. i die.

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