the last lunch

if you know anything about me, you know i have three rad friends who are going on missions like… almost tomorrow. (if tomorrow was july. or august. i’m feeling dramatic.)

yesterday was britni’s last day in provo before going back to boise to get ready to go to louisiana to baptize the infierno out of a bunch of people… and eat some jambalaya and hushpuppies and whatnot. naturally, we went out to lunch as a final hoorah.

downtown provo is kind of really underrated. there are a ton of places down there i want to eat at some point. hole in the walls, places that seriously change ownership about every other week, and crazy chinese places that i have a feeling probably have some dang good spring rolls. anyway, we decided on a sandwich place called station 22. this instagram can do the rest of the talkin.

i got the ratatouille ciabatta which was this intense mix of roasted veggies and spinach with mozzarella on a ciabatta with pesto… man. i loved it. brit got the pesto chicken? britni what did you get? anyway, it met expectations. the only weird thing was the water because a. it had floating basil in it and tasted like margherita pizza (which i totally didn’t believe when britni told me… but upon tasting it, i was surprised to find that it tasted just like the rita) and b. there was no ice. no ice? really? where are we, europe?

and it wouldn’t be an official alyssa britni date if we didn’t go to yogurtland… so naturally, my car basically drove itself there.

maybe i got a combination of dark chocolate almond coffee, mint, pistachio, coconut, tart, and girl scout cookie with coconut, reeses, and pineapple. it was perfect.

and i’m pretty sure it goes without saying, but i’ll miss you, brit!

(now accepting applications for a new stand-in food loving other half.)


  1. awwwwww man, I’m going to miss Brit too!! but even if we live like an hour away from each other I can be your stand-in food loving other half. I’m not sure if I can be as great as Britni but I’m willing to try, haha. Love you Brit and Lyss!

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