the lately(s): a week in review.

so here is me as of late, i’ll let you connect words to pics! (click for a bigger pic)

i got by with a little help from toblerone during a very long night at work.

cjanekendrick retweeted me. i almost died of happiness.

i bought an anthro apron for myself for a late birthday present (but these days anything i buy myself i consider a late birthday present)

i’ve been spending a lot of time in this library cubicle. when i walk outside my ears begin ringing from the silence.

lots of study called for these tacos are from mountain west burrito. they’re my fave.

i cleaned out my car and found four forks. i took it as a sign i eat salads in my car more often that most people.

this throwback picture just sent me into fits of laughter. check out lindsay’s face! those eyes

friday night i went to a bonfire for a byotfd (bring your own tinfoil dinner… you mean you didn’t get that acronym?!) and my room still smells like smoke. (i kind of like it)

check out those clouds covering mt timp on my way to work! cloud enshroud. it proceeded to rain all day.

One comment

  1. First off – give those forks back to Grandma before she starts missing them. Second off – what does it mean to “retweet”? Third off – love your apron. I have one just like it! Weird.

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