a post in which i put on my big girl panties and buy a new phone.

whenever i go running i put my phone down in natures pocket, if you know what i mean. it’s handy and normal and just a thing i do.

let me rephrase that- a thing i do but probably shouldn’t. you see, on saturday after a quick run on the greenbelt, and post phone/boob-sweat encounter, my phone started going on the fritz. it must not like those frequent encounters, because antonio 2.0 got all defiant and stopped working correctly, which made me pretty darn frustrated. so frustrated, in fact, that i marched right on down to the verizon store and picked up a new phone, never looking back.

okay, maybe it wasn’t so sudden, and maybe it had something to do with some daddy/daughter real talk that was going on at about the same time. the short of it is that my dad was planning on kicking me off the family plan anyways. you see, the max on a family plan is 5, and my poor younger brother who is seriously deprived (insert sarcasm here) needed a phone, so that, coupled with a dysfuntional phone, made up the perfect “opportunity” for me to further test the waters of adulthood and take that cellphone bill bull by the horns. (are you tired of my metaphors yet? i’m done, i promise)

//so here we are, and without further ado i introduce to you, my EYE phone, paloma. … and i am also now accepting tutoring sessions on how to work this newfangled technology… thank you in advance.

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