what a weekend, friends.

provo is neat in that it sponsors some cool things, namely, free summer concerts on top of a parking garage. this friday was that fateful monthly occasion, filled with friends, music, and more pairs of pastel colored jeans than you can shake a stick at. and with a perfect view of the golden hour on y mount! wonderful. 

oh, and would you like to know who played? the moth and the flame. check them out. so good, and so local!

this picture, man. i just can’t handle it, mostly for the reason that i can’t work this blasted iphone to save my life under pressure.

but it was GREAT, you know, what? the music was good. i saw my wonderful ex roommate, sam, and we showed up in matching pants (true signs of too much living together?).

after basking in the music, we stole pallets from the back of an undisclosed grocery store and found a random guy with a hatchet to break them down for us. (don’t even worry, he was from weiser and definitely knew my seminary teacher… and served his mission with a boy from my past. weird connectedness seems to occur roughly every weekend around here.)

anyway, we built fire and made smores and my hair probably still has smoky remnant memories in it, which i secretly love. (even if my mom tells me to shower more.)

it’s nights like this that i try ever so hard to bottle up and stow away. relish in their carefree quality, smile, and truly just be. there is just something about summer, no?

//if you want to know more on these elusive free concerts, hit the link. they go on all summer! personally, i can’t wait for the lower lights… swoon…


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