on embracing utah living.

so i live in utah. i’ve been here for three years now, people! can you believe it? and can i also tell you a little secret? it’s not so bad. maybe my perspective has just shifted a bit since i’ve moved a couple minutes away from the facade life i was living in provo with the never-aging populous of students. perhaps its the fact that i’m becoming more familiar with my favorite places, running routes, radio stations, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. i’m happy here. at least til september. THEN i will be happy to be leaving for a season.

but really, just take a gander at some of these pics, i mean, how could you not like this place just a little?

provo river trail.

horse noses in my face on an early morning saturday 10 miler

dusky walk around my suburbian home. those mountains, man. those mountains.

in other news, this is my last week of spring term! where does the time go?




  1. You.little.traitor. Gee whiz, girl! You know Boise is the best place e.v.e.r.! OK, I kid about you being a traitor. I guess I’m a little happy that you are enjoying your new stomping grounds. I don’t want you to be miserable but I do want you to remember where your roots are! heh heh That horse is slightly adorable and I bet he smelled wonderful in the early morning! Yum!

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