the summer bucket list

via p-town (pinterest.)

schools out!

i took my very last spanish final yesterday. my minor is complete! i thought something cool would happen once i finished. you know, like those awesome computer fireworks that happen when you win at spider solitaire. but then again…. maybe those were only awesome for me because i NEVER won but maybe once. and only because i totally cheated and clicked the score box for hints. someone tell me i’m not the only one who would finish that game grinning like an idiot while those virtual fireworks just kept popping up with YOU WON! in huge letters? self esteem boost, right there.

i digress. anyway, being done with school kind of leaves me with this big void. like….. i don’t know. when i’m in school my brain is working and multi-tasking, and then “summer” comes along and i feel like a sponge in the hot sun. all my knowledge just evaporates right out of me. this fear drove me to the library yesterday. i love that place. while trying to find the books i needed i got to listen to a guy on the phone trying to bail his son out of jail, which was kind of a highlight. oh, and i got a lot of books. (and cds. who am i kidding) i could barely carry them all out to my car, and i can tell you right now that my eyes were much bigger than my stomach, metaphorically speaking. i’ll be lucky if i get through one! but that is another post for another day.

my problem is that i am a do-er. a planner. a busy body! tonight i went on a dusky run in prep for my half marathon next weekend. (EEK!) anyway, while i was running, i was listening to the joy the baker podcast. the topic was summer bucket lists and embracing the season, you know, that kind of thing. that inspiration, paired with being hyped endorphins, led me to write this list when i got home.

so here you have it: the summer bucket list of 2012//

1. get crafty by making these bracelets. try my hand at these shirts.

2. make grade A, home made ice cream

3. watch fireworks on a blanket

4. care for my tomato and basil plants. DO NOT KILL THEM.

5. jump into a lake.

6. read five books

7. go to some summer concerts

8. make bread that actually rises

9. run a race

10. perfect the tongue roll by the sept 19. (carrrrrrrrro. enrrrrrrrique. you get the jist)

i think it’s pretty do-able, yeah? sigh. i love summer. now can a decent peach please fall into my lap? please?


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