sew crazy.

i have a confession.

those lifestyle/fashion/moms-my-age-with-cute-babies blogs? i’m totally addicted! they just make it too easy to stalk their lives. it’s just…. a thing. i don’t know. someone check me into a facility.

but make sure it is near a savers… and has a sewing machine… because i feel a new addiction coming on.

now that school is out, i’ve got a little more free time on my hands after work. the past couple of months i have been on this quest for the perfect chambray denim shirt. i’ve found some wonderful ones…. but they have all been waaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. since i am kind of a closet thrifter, i decided to test my luck at savers the other day when the work day was done. within five minutes i’d found my chambray… okay, maybe it’s more denim-y, but whatever, it works. and for 5.99, well, i’ll take it.

even if some crazy guy who passed me while i was trying it on over my clothes told me it was a “little tight, but looked good”. thanks for the input, buddy.

after i found one treasure, well, there was just no going back. thrifting is kind of addicting. i found all of these hideous things with awesome fabrics, and all of a sudden i was just sitting there in the middle of savers with arm fulls of smelly clothes thinking, “i could alter all this stuff!”

so i did.

i took this size 20-wide skirt with this awesome floral print and hideous hemline, brought up the hem, took it in on the back, and WHAM. new skirt. can i say i really had no idea what i was doing? i used to think sewing was hard. growing up, my mom would sew every once in awhile, but those golden memories of  sweet halloween costumes were always accompanied by her exclamations of,  ” OH GOOD HELL!” from down the hall as she broke needles and messed up the tension. (it was totally the sewing machine, not her.) anyway, i realized while cutting up fabric and sewing straight lines (and a whole lot of messing up) that sewing can be easy. and fun? who knew.

so there you have it. i can sew in straight lines and use scissors. thrifting success!

just don’t ask me about my failed attempts to make cut offs. evidently there is some secret that lies in that craft that all of the forces of pinterest couldn’t even discover. it’s fine, though. none of those bloggers wear cut offs anyway.


  1. Good, hell, Alyssa! I didn’t know you had a sewing gene as well as all the other genes I didn’t give you!!!

    Looks amazing and sorry I cursed…

  2. PS I LOVE that your shorts are in a pile on the floor and you’re standing on them to take the before picture. That’s my Lyss! 🙂

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