day three in seattle

heres the caboose post on the seattle recap!

we woke up sunday early and hungry. good thing, too, because i had big eating plans for us. we rode the light rail into seattle, then hopped on the bus with a bunch of bums loudly chattering about their bum friends who they’d had to take to the hospital the night before, holding their whiskey, and, my personal favorite, talking about how “that girl up there…. she thinks she’s a cherokee with her red pants on!” that cherokee girl= me. i turned at them and nodded. one yelled, “she heard you!” as the rest shrieked in laughter. oh, seattle.

oh, and can i break for a minute and publicly thank my iphone for navigating me through washington and telling me where to go at all times?! that thing was a life saver. really. i love technology.

anyway, we got off the bus and trekked up the hill towards university of washington, where our breakfast destination, portage bay cafe, was nestled among student housing and pretty hills. portage bay…. seriously, i barely have words to describe how great the food was. everything was organic, local, fresh… and wonderful. and everyone there must have known it, because every table was full! the menu was full of delicious things. i wanted vegan pancakes or huevos rancheros or the plethora of other delicious things that were making me drool all over the menu, but i was got overwhelmed and succumbed to peer pressure and ordered the oatmeal cobbler french toast. it wasn’t such an awful idea though, because i mean, really. when in the world are you going to eat french toast dredged in oatmeal any other time? mom ordered the sautéed organic mushroom summer hash. we gorged ourselves on both, and wow. foodgasmic i tell you! cooked to perfection, all of it! i want to fly to seattle again just to visit this single solitary restaurant.

after that, we made a stop at trader joe’s…. just for their trail mix. and when i say “made a stop” i mean planned our day around finding a tj’s and spending a good amount of time there. it was wonderful. i bought cookie butter. sea weed snacks. trailmix galore. chocolate. the most delicious apple ever. ahhh tj’s you’ve got a small piece of my grocery store loving heart. can’t wait for you to come to salt lake!

with our tj’s bags in tow and visible food babies, it was time to walk back to the city. we were a good four miles away from it all, so we spent a good amount of time walking and drinking in the lovely! portage bay is pretty. ballard is quaint.

our next stop was pike place market, however my gps didn’t factor in the pride parade that was going on downtown…. so we got to witness first-hand the city decked out in rainbows and glitter and many cross dressing men. i l0ved every minute of it.

when i was about five, my mom and dad went to seattle to visit some family. they came home with a souvenier tshirt for me from pike place, and that was my only connection to the fish market until we stepped foot into the ZOO it is on a sunday afternoon. the place is great, though! we bought the most wonderful rainier cherries and ate them while perusing the different shops and spitting the pits when no one was looking. we watched magic tricks and fish mongers, ate pear gorgonzola and mixed berry frozen yogurt for lunch, and tried to figure out just what a piroshky is (which is still up for debate)

our next adventure was to hop back on the bus and get to freemont to go to the sunday market and the theo chocolate factory. freemont is basically where the hippies live, so their market was great. it was a thrifter’s paradise! if you ever are in the market for antique watch faces in bulk, head over there. our favorite part was the creepy polaroids and other snapshots of random people for sale. who in their right mind would sell their family’s pictures? or the better question, who in their right mind would buy them? as far as chocolate was concerned, i had my heart set on a tour of theo. unfortunately,  the tours were all sold out, so instead i ate my way through the giftshop… which wasn’t such a bad thing. coconut curry. it is what dreams are made of.

after freemont, i decided i wanted to find a good view of the city and take some pics. with my mother following my lead, i got us on a bus… which definitely was going in the opposite direction of where we wanted, and before  i knew it, he was hollering, “ladies this is my last stop!” and we were all the way up in northern residential seattle. hi i’m an idiot from out of town and i suck at public transportation. this is the part of the post where i publicly thank the gypsy lady with the pink eye shadow and headscarf for telling us how the heck to get back to seattle. what an adventure. when we got back on the bus and to square one again, mom and i decided we’d had enough bumpy bus rides for one day, and decided to forego the artsy views for some dinner. we walked around until we stumbled upon a vietnamese basement restaurant that boasted good food. i’d been intrigued by all the asians and their food in seattle, so we decided to give it a go. it was some of the best vietnamese food i’ve ever had. (maybe the only vietnamese food? who knows.) we got tofu pho to share (pronounced FA. like FA MULAN. maybe we made disney references all throughout dinner?) and it was great. then came the tofu pad thai for me and some shrimpy, noodley thing for mom. it was all good. we felt so asian.

after finishing dinner we walked around the pier awhile.

when it got cold and we got tired, we walked ourselves back to the light rail, and back to our hotel in renton. seattle was wonderful- i’m definitely a fan. it was so much fun exploring a new place on foot, being a healthy balance of tourist and pseudo-resident, hanging out with my mom and making some great memories. til next time, classy city!

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  1. I love all these pictures except the close up of the old lady you took. Who the heck is SHE?

    (I can’t believe you put that one on here. Shame shame.tsk.tsk.)

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