colorado: the greatest hits 1

did you know i went to colorado?

well, i did! and i wrote an entire post about it… which failed to save.  i also learned a  lesson about saving your work as you go along. @#$!

over it. moving on.

vacation is a funny thing. in the moment, the days pass slowly and  you end up eating breakfast at 11 AM daily. however, as the week goes on, it’s like just as you’re arriving at the destination it is time to head em up and move em out…. and all that’s left to show for anything you did is that mountain of laundry. and, contrary to popular belief, laundry is just the opposite of vacation.

our travel day was spent making the 9 hour trek to colorado… which, suprisingly, was amazing. when i hear “roadtrip” i tend to shudder… correct me if i’m wrong, but the trips i frequently make from provo to boise are anything but scenic most times of the year. colorado, however, is a horse of a different color. canyons! mountains! tunnels! draw dropping scenery, people! it made me want to ski in vail…or at least just sit in the lodge. when we finally pulled into highlands ranch, we spent the evening with family, laughs, and great food. the trifecta.

our first full day in colorado began with a quick run around our new stomping ground… and quick it was, thanks to the high altitude and my mildly asthmatic running companions. after our 11 AM breakfast we went to the red rocks to do a little exploring and hiking… which turned into my dad buying tickets for us all to see the beach boys in concert later on that night.

this series of pictures confirms to me that i am my father’s daughter.

since coming to the red rocks last fall, i’d vowed to come see a live show there one day… so seeing beach boys was pretty choice; the fact that i only knew about 10 of the fifty songs they played hardly mattered. the scenery, being surrounded by drunken, teary-eyed baby boomers, dancing around with my sisters, and watching payton sit there like he was attending a funeral totally made up for my lack of beach boys knowledge… and now i have a feeling that any other show at any other venue for the rest of my days is going to pall in comparison.


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