colorado: the greatest hits 2

another day, another adventure.

tuesday took us down south towards colorado springs. air force academy and the garden of the gods, to be exact!

air force academy… i hardly know what to say… let’s just say  that that school is a place of ORDER. and there’s a lot of marching. they’ve got a pretty neat cathedral, too. prodestants get the first level, everyone else gets to worship in the basement. my dad spent our time there trying to persuade my sister to apply there. needless to say, our general consensus was that camo isn’t really our color… nor are low tight buns. i think kourtni decided it would be better to date a graduating second lieutenant than actually have to be one.

next ,we went to garden of the gods. big red rocks in the middle of nowhere with names like “kissing camel” and “sleeping giant”. everyone was climbing all over them. i was wearing white shorts… but i mean, look at these kids! somebody get them some chalk and some carabiners. especially kourtni. she’s a climbing prodigy 🙂

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