colorado: the greatest hits 3

this is one of the best parts of going to colorado:

these running trails! i’m mildly obsessed.

and this has got to be the second best part of colorado:

howdy, folks! need i say more?

golden, colorado… does it sound familiar? if you’re a coors fan, you know, the SECOND leading producer of beer in the US of A, then it might. i’m pretty sure they talk about golden on those beer commercials while they’re displaying those waving fields of grain. anyway. the coors plant is the largest in the country, so naturally a bunch of mormons and their underage children had to go check it out. i think payton was the most confused about the whole situation. “we don’t even drink! why do we have to go to a beer factory?!” was what he kept saying over and over. live a little, kid! unfortunately, i didn’t bring my ID, so i couldn’t even drink the non-alcoholic variety as my free sample at the end of the tour. lame. regardless, i learned all kinds of fun things about how hops add flavor, barley adds depth…. wait, i think i have those backwards. i was too busy watching the cans fly by my eyes.

in order to take full advantage of our time in golden, we the went to some honky pioneer carnival. pictures explain this place a little better than words. especially those things found in the gift shop?

we still found ways to entertain ourselves. one of the high points, however, was the alpine slide! i’d never been on one. i recently had a cousin fall off and skid down the track. i went down nice and slowly…. which prompted the party in back of me to TAILGATE ME THE WHOLE WAY DOWN. honestly! manners, people! also, my cousins are the cutest things. it’s pretty obvious.

also, right now i feel the need to give a shout out to that mind blowing pizza we ate later  in golden. woody’s woodfired pizza. the californian: spinach, mozzerella, artichoke, sundried tomato, parm. my sister liked it so much, my dad had to stop her at four pieces. (and i ask myself, WHY CAN’T I HAVE THE METABOLISM OF A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL?) at the end of the meal, they brought us out honey to put on our crusts. god bless woody’s wood fired pizza! god bless golden, colorado!

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