pool me.

// and now an interruption from the colorado trip. i can almost taste the anticipation!

remember how i keep whining about how all my friends are leaving on missions? another one leaves next tuesday. who do these people think they are to just leave me for eighteen months? i ask myself this same question about once a day. preaching the good word or hang out with alyssa… obviously i am the less popular choice. at least these little events give us an excuse to hang out and lay around by the pool… talking about things that are more or less off limits for the next eighteen months. a day baking in the hot sun coupled with a kneader’s run for a veggie avocado sandwich. now THAT is how you go out with a bang. samerella, we’ll miss ya… but that is a post for another day.

// and i should probably explain the bird- sam’s family is always taking in refugee quails… this cripple is the newest addition.

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