adieu, adieu

i just have to post a couple photos of my missionary pals.

britni left when i was in colorado. this week i sent her a bajillion cookies to the MTC that i made as a sort of repayment for being there to see her off. i hope she forgives me. she was one in four faithful blog readers i have, so dang it, we’re down to three. however, she did tell me that she was most excited to come back from her mission to 18 months worth of blog posts, so ya know. brit, this one is for you!

sam left last week. that girl! she had every person in all of the city of lindon and the byu vicinity at her farewell. i was worried we wouldn’t all fit. but ya, know, miracles and whatnot. they can happen.  we just couldn’t get enough of her on her farewell date, so the whole fab five was reunited one last time for a little “hug it out” one more time. it is so sad to think that when she gets back from the mission there is little to no chance we’ll all be in the same place. as i type this i am planning reunion gettaways.

and emily’s farewell was this last sunday, which means i took  a blink-of-an-eye road trip to boise this weekend to see her one last time. it was so great to see her, too. she will be a great missionary- heck, they all will!  these friends of mine! seriously. i miss them already. here’s to the next 18 months going at a moderately rapid pace.



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