chocolate chip cookies.

it has always been a goal of mine to perfect the chocolate chip cookie. i always figured it would be a lifelong thing, something that would be elusive or impossible.

little did i know that the perfect recipe would drop into my lap and change my life.

check. done. look no further.

chocolate chip cookies// via cooks illustrated

makes 3 dozen


10 T + 4 T butter divided

3/4 c brown sugar, packed

1/2 c white sugar

1 t vanilla

1 large egg + 1 yolk

1 3/4 c flour

1 t salt

1 t baking powder

1 c chocolate chips


1. brown 10 T of butter for about 5-10 minutes. watch the butter cook, stirring often. you want it to be brown, not black, so be sure to not let it cook too much!

2. when butter is browned, combine it in a heatproof bowl with the the remaining 4 T cold butter, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, and eggs. set your timer, and vigorously beat the wet mixture for 30 seconds. then, let the mixture rest for 3 minutes. beat for 30 seconds, rest 3 minutes. beat one last time for 30 seconds. while your batter is resting for the last 3 minutes, gather your dry ingredients.

2. mix flour, salt, and baking powder together. add your dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, mixing to combine. fold in chocolate chips.

3. using a cookie scoop, make 1-2 T balls of dough. place them on an ungreased cookie sheet, then pop them in a 400 degree oven for 8 minutes. remove from oven when cookies are golden brown. after letting them rest 5-10 minutes, place cookies on cooling racks.

you’re very welcome.

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