murky reservoirs and shady mexican food.

all summer long i’ve had this hankering to jump in a lake. like full on, run down the entire length of a dock and jump off cannon ball or jack knife style . it’s one of those events that just screams SUMMER.

as far as my utah knowledge goes, there are few crystal clear lakes that fit the bill of my dreams… just a lot of murky reservoirs and algae. we make do.

last saturday, anita and i went to good ol’ deer creek reservoir up near heber to fulfill this lake void. it was rocky. it was dirty. it smelled like a filthy reservoir. we waded in anyways! we counted to three and went all the way under! we tried to systematically arrange the rocks underneath our towels so that they wouldn’t draw blood when tried to get comfortable on top of them!  it was great.

we finished off the day with a stop in heber to get some good local food. as we drove around searching for something that didn’t bear the name of arby’s or subway, anita looked to the left and screamed, “tacos! and there are real mexicans living next door!” sold. we were getting tacos.

authentic mexican food always puts me in a tough position. i always forget i don’t/can’t eat real mexican food until i’m halfway  their nasty rendition of a “veggie” burrito that mainly just houses a lot of iceberg lettuce and queso. when will i learn? i fear my love of mexicans and my love of vegetables just will just never meet up.

here’s my burrito anyway, though. at least an instagram filter makes it cool.

also, i failed to mention that as we were eating outside, there was a parade going on. we had front row seats to the heber valley parade! it was hoky and small town and somewhat endearing.

so here’s to another summer thing off the list! i can’t believe it’s all about to end, by the way. august 7th? time needs to take a water break.



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