some shots of the weekend

it is crazy how quick three days can pass!

on friday after work i had to drive to salt lake to pick up a friend from the airport, so i decided to make a day out of it and go see hailey in salt lake. shopping/wishing i lived in athropologie, hitting up the BEST thai food in salt lake, sawadee, and then continuing the food crawl to 9th and 9th for some gelato at dolcetti. coconut rice and cinnamon. holy cow was it good. i think next time i might have to go for the waffle cone though. hailey is a seasoned professional.

saturday i got those great peaches. i washed my car. i listened to podcasts and ran at the track (brought back soooooo many high school memories. that smell!!) and needless to say, i woke up soooooooooore today!

and sunday i went to church… and maybe the only thing that kept me there for all three hours was this super comfy dress i impulse bought? whatever does it, right? lots of cooking, naps, and family time ensued.

all in all, a great midsummer weekend. ps. i go to spain one month from today. eek!


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