labor day weekend.

september. hi! how are ya? it’s already the fifth and that just about blows my mind.

this weekend was a real great one. i headed back up to boise for a family reunion with some cousins, and it was wonderful.

we ate lots of good food. my grandma’s potato salad is to die for. goat cheese in salad is a game changer.

we floated the boise river. such good teenage memories of being a river rat!

i went on runs and walks with my folks along said river. can’t ever get enough! i can, however, get enough of those dang blisters i’ve got all over my feet for running with no socks. will i never learn?

it was so fun to see all the family! however, all of these 48ish hour trips to boise are proving to be more dreamlike than real to me these days… and you know what else is seeming pretty dream-like? the fact that i will be in spain in twelve days. cue the anticipatory anxiety! anybody have any good suggestions for a raincoat? i feel like i need one.

these were the only pics i got all week due to me leaving my memory card in utah. gr! family, family. bridge over snake river. road trip fires. you know, just keeping things interesting.

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