summer 2012: bucketed.

as much as i hate to see it go, summer’s ending is upon us. i must say, this was the longest/shortest season of my life. it was filled with good times, long days at work, fun family trips, books, evening runs, food, and memories abounding. as i am heading to boise next week and spain in 11 days (ELEVEN DAYS) i feel like it is time to tie up the loose ends of this season.

remember my bucket list? let’s recap!

1. get crafty by making these bracelets. try my hand at these shirts. FAIL. i did, however, do some sweet alterations

2. make grade A, home made ice cream. no ice cream, but these fudgesicles happened. count it! they’re soooo good. 

3. watch fireworks on a blanket. the fourth of july happened. we celebrated at my aunts while my cousins threw smoke bombs at each other…. 

4. care for my tomato and basil plants. DO NOT KILL THEM. okay, this was an epic fail. i will just say right here and right now that i have no green extremities. 

5. jump into a lake. more like inch your way in, but anita and i waded at deer creek! check! 

6. read five books. in defense of food // animal farm// is everyone hanging out without me? // shanghai girls // my life in france. all wonderful. shanghai girls was my fave.  

7. go to some summer concerts. the moth and the flame // beach boys// band of horses

8. make bread that actually rises. fail. i feel like this is just an elusive dream i have. 

9. run a race  rock n roll seattle // freedom run 10 k

10. perfect the tongue roll by the sept 19. (carrrrrrrrro. enrrrrrrrique. you get the jist) jaja… todavía no es perfecto, pero estoy tratando de mejorarse las destrezas… pienso que esta meta extenderá al fin del año? 🙂 

it is soooooo extremely satisfying to me to be able to cross things off a list! you better believe i’ll be doing bucket list: europe edition soon 🙂 stay tuned! & happy fall.

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