girl dates.

there’s a couple of people in my life that just get it. and me. they’re the ones that text me on random weeknights proclaiming, “let’s go get lebanese food!”, to which i don’t even bat an eye before wholeheartedly accepting the invitation and driving myself all the way to salt lake in the name of food and friends that just get it. whitney is just one of those people. we used to work together, and she is just such a gem. last spring she left me for a big girl job working for the new lds search geneology website in downtown slc, but our friendship has been kept alive through our love of food. and thrifting. and twin cars.

so anyway, we hit up 9th and 9th to eat our lebanese feast at mazza. ohhhhh boy oh boy it was good. i chose the baked eggplant sandwich and never looked back. eggplant cooked in olive oil with a tahini-garlic sauce, mixed greens, and armenian pickles (that right there was the selling point, i tell you). you might think that sounds disgusting, but it was like the pulled pork of vegetables, if that makes any sense, which it probably does not. just roll with it and believe me when i say that this sandwich was definitely worth the hour drive . whitney got this huge plate of chicken cauliflower kafta… i tell you, it looked great. and the meatless parts were phenom. my only complaint about the restaurant was the fact that i didn’t have enough money to order one of everything. i should have gotten hummus. i keep thinking about stuffed grape leaves! the baba ganooj is calling to me! obviously another trip is in order.

dolcetti’s gelato was right next door. it would have been a travesty to not go in 🙂  honeycomb and pistachio fit the bill for me, and then with full bellies and good conversation we skipped on over to gateway to do a little bit of unnecessary but totally necessary shopping, and then it was back to provo. great times in salt lake, you fine city, you!

also, one week until i am gone. one week. seven days. somebody get me a paper bag! 

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