if you were wondering, the spanish tortilla is still delicious.






i’m baaaaack!

where do i start? at the end? at the beginning? i have not spoken one word of english today, so things might be a little… difícil. here’s where i’m writing from, though… i mean, isn’t that something?

i must first preface this whole post with the idea that this whole being back in spain thing cannot be real life. i just feel like this is a cruel dream or simply a movie sequel to my time here before…. only better. getting off the airplane today and smelling familiar smells (good and awful) brought back floods of memories and made me second guess if i’d ever actually left…

yeah, that was until i tried to figure out how i was actually going to get to alcalá de henares. madrid is a good 45 minutes away by train, and i was kind of clueless. i’d remembered taking a train to the airport one time before, but really had no clue where that was… so i started asking people. they told me where to go relatively, but i think i walked about a mile through the airport before i even arrived at the metro, and then i kept getting mixed up on that web of metro lines, taking wrong trains, wrong stops, and backtracking. also, i was lugging a 75 lb suitcase and sweating like a toasted cheeser because it WAS SO HOT OUT HERE. and when i say “hot”, really i mean humid. so humid! i forgot about this.

stepping off the train in alcalá was surreal. i felt like i was  hopping on a bike and pedaling away as i remembered exactly how to get to my flat. it is interesting to see the things that have changed since i was here last. god loves me, so he put a YOGURT SHOP in the plaza, and i kept noticing new paint colors and other menial things, what have you. due to the economic crisis, tons of businesses have actually closed down and there are “se aquila” signs in windows all around. it is a bit eerie (but that isn’t to say i’ll miss pinky burger all that much… 🙂 and it is evident things have been getting bad around here in the economic realm. where once i lived in the heart of a bustling downtown, now most of the shops are lonely looking empty lots.

when i reached the flat, i walked right into pilar’s shop downstairs. she gave me a huge hug as i tried to keep her from touching my sweaty back. (seriously, so sweaty) fernando came in, gave me a hug, then proceeded to begin conversation. since then it  hasn’t really stopped. all is good, they’re about the same save fernando missing one or two more teeth…

i didn’t sleep on the plane! i couldn’t! but, i was also determined not to screw up my sleep patterns and sleep today away. i allowed myself a nap, then dinner and a brisk walk around the city to regain my bearings. later, it was to the plaza, where i just drank in the people…. and then actually struck up some real conversations with some spaniards. they’re great…. and all twice my age. its fine!

errands tomorrow. and MADRID.










my family acquired un gran espejo while i was away



  1. I love this and I love that you made it safely! Remember Seattle and us trying to read all those maps, well, really, just you reading those maps… but anyway, I think you’re a champ after lugging and pulling that ginormous bag around! 🙂 At least you got your workout in for the day, huh? Glad everything is as good as it was when you were there before. It’s good to see your face! Keep the posts coming, daughter! Love you.

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