time change. uf.

on saturday i had these great plans of getting all kinds of things done before lunch… and they all fell through, because when i woke up, it was 2 o’clock. in the afternoon. fernando and pilar just laughed at me, telling me my body was just confused… and laying awake in bed last night from 1-5 AM more or less confirmed this.

so far, so good has been the story of my first four days here. this experience already is the the polar opposite of what i experienced on study abroad. now that i am living alone without any english speaking roommates to be my crutch, i have spoken spanish only, which leaves me grasping at english words and sentence structure when it comes to the blog or other writings i have to do. it is quite the experience!


i haven’t started anything on my research quite yet- i told myself i’d give myself the weekend to recoup and get things ready…. so that means tomorrow is monday and it is time to get to work! i’m nervous to begin… a million things could go wrong, my project could just fall flat on it’s face, but in my mind,  matt damon is buying a zoo and telling me, “sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. and i promise you, something good will come out of it”.  so eloquent, that guy.

during my insomnia last night, i listened to some meditation podcasts… yeah, i know, but what else was i supposed to do between the hours of 1-5? ANYWAY, this meditation session was all about becoming successful and letting go of your past failures. one thing it touched on that really struck a chord with me was that in order to attain success, to attain your dreams and self-actualization, you must be ready to travel into the unknown. you have to be ready to do something uncomfortable. this is something that most people are unwilling to do or try, therefore lots of people don’t achieve this success. however, the meditation touched on the fact that sometimes the unknown turns out to be better than that you’re accustomed to, and often that unknown is like a refining fire that leads to success. oh the things one can learn at 2:30 de la madrugada, no? so here’s to the unknown!

these pictures are from la plaza del sol the other day. i went in to meet up with diana in madrid for a little, grab some ice cream, and walk around a bit. i’ve got no pics save a super blurry one of us, since i’m still a little crazy about thinking someone is going to steal my camera. uf. anyway, it is still as great as i remember… can’t wait til october starts and i can get my transportation card so i don’t have to walk everywhere / pay through the nose for a ticket! (then lose it. i always loose that stupid cupón).

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  1. So beautiful! A little crowded but so beautiful! Sure hope your insomnia cures itself and you get on a regular Spanish schedule! Good luck tomorrow! You’re going to be a success, I just know it. Love you!

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