immersion or inundation?

i said it in my last post, but i just must reiterate how different coming to spain totally alone is. every day, dawn to dusk, is completely spanish. i go to bed completely exhausted from so much conversation and a lot of stabs at comprehension… but so far, my body has stubbornly decided to stay on western time. (i don’t think the coca light at 11:30 PM helps much, either) i’m hoping that gets a little better with time! but then again, falling asleep at 2:30 in the morning seems spanish enough to me…

on another note, fall is here, and spain did a 180 overnight. the other day i was sweating bullets on my walk around town, and today it was cold and windy, so i ended up all wrapped up in a sweater and scarf. fernando assured me that the last week of september-first week of october tend to turn really warm… a type of indian summer situation. we shall see! now the warmth is gone, i do kind of miss it…

you know what else i am sort of kind of… okay, really badly missing right now? black beans. chocolate chip cookies. cottage cheese (what?). i probably should not be having these kind of cravings so early on, but whatever. the good thing is, however, that pilar and fernando cater to my EVERY want. i tell pilar exactly how i want my dinner, and she makes it just so. i say i love avocados, they buy me some acuacate and mince it up all nice for dinner over toast (even if it was a little…. okay, completely, bright green. still delicious). i told them i liked steamed broccoli, and pilar was on the phone with her sister today telling her to come over so she can teach her how to use the steaming function on her cooking machine (i really have no idea what it is) i alluded to loving grapes, and in the next few hours there were grapes straight from southern spain at my disposal (even if they each have like four seeds each and i drool when i’m trying to get them out of my mouth. seedless grapes are an american thing, i’m learning) .

did i ever write about how i was really excited to leave the us so i could quit hearing about mitt romney and barack obama? well, yep, it has been pretty awesome. however, i am learning that spain has a host of their own political battles right now, and i hear about them every day during meals when we watch the news and other political talk shows. i maybe only understand about 33% of what is going on, but it is so interesting to me to see how another government gets along (or fail terribly). biggest spanish problems right now? unemployment rates in the 40%, catalunya wanting to leave spain, demonstrations and strikes every single day… it gets pilar really revved up. i usually just end up nodding my head and saying “sí, por su puesto” and hoping i really do agree with everything she is spouting. they’re passionate about their country, these people.

so that is where i am right now- feeling more or less completely inundated with spanish everything, and hoping that irb gives me the go ahead to begin my project in the next couple days. doing whatever i want all day has been pretty nice, but getting the green light on my study would be oh so helpful, ya know?

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  1. I’m so happy to hear that your Spanish parents are taking good care of you! That makes me feel so good. Do they not have cottage cheese in Spain? Or chocolate chips? Weird. I saw your cute pictures of you and diana in Madrid. There were 3 things I noticed: 1. You two looked gorgeous. 2. You did not look like touristy Americans. 3. You fit right in!

    Keep up the blogging! (And the tweets, I love those!)

    Miss you and love you and try not to think how far away from me you are. Yep. That sort of freaks me out a little. :/

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