madre mia

the internet has been a little bit spotty the last couple days, pardon my lack of posts?

the spain life…. so far, it is great, but taking some getting used to. my main project, that one i spent all winter semester trying to perfect, is still chock full of imperfections and i’ve been busy continuing revisions and making changes, only to have to change them back to their original ways. i spent a lot of time in the library last week wanting to pull out my hair, but i guess such is RESEARCH! if it was fun and easy, we’d definitely have a cure for cancer by now.

this is what my days look like lately. it is a pretty pitifully easy schedule:

9:30 a- wake up having to pee like crazy. run to the bathroom and emerge with fresh orange juice on the table. pilar always knows exactly when i am awake… or maybe i walk like sasquatch down the hall?

10 a- lay in bed and catch up on everything that has happened on social media while i’ve been sleeping. it is weird having all your friends awake while you’re out cold!

11 a- go running or try to do some kind of workout- thanks to pinterest, i’ve got a lot of crossfit esque, circuit workout material to work with, but space is limited, and i feel sooooo self conscious when i go to parks here because people, especially women, don’t really jump around doing burpees and jumping jacks in plain daylight. at least, not that i’ve observed. most of them simply enjoy the good ol’ fashioned power walk… or power gawk. or roller blading. roller blading is biiiiiiiiiiiig. running has, however, given me the opportunity to explore all different kinds of places i’d never been before in alcalá. it is one of my favorite parts about being here!

12 p- get ready, showered, dressed… and usually i’m ravenous around this time, so i eat almond butter that i have hoarded up in my room. i don’t even want to think of what will come of my life when both jars are gone…

12:30 p- head to the biblioteca. i’ve been trying to make spanish friends (and am failing horribly) but i figure that going to the university library here might be my best bet at meeting people my own age. the only thing is that spaniards here actually STUDY at the library! like, they actually crack open books and take notes. no one has a laptop. i feel like i’m in 1995! i usually do my field journal writing, and book of mormon reading for the day- i have a goal to finish it in spanish by the end of my stay. we will see! i also spend a lot of time just gawking at people. there is something just inherently cool about spaniards, and i am going to find the essence of it, bottle it, and sell it.

2:30 p- dinner time! usually it doesn’t happen until three, but i’m usually starving and wishfully thinking. we watch the news and pilar gets all in a huff about “el crisis” and whatever other things are going on. i stuff my face and eat grapes for dessert. (which have seeds here. i’m coddled in the good ol usa i am learning)

3:30 p- back to studying in the library or here if i am feeling food baby-ish and lazy.

5- natalia comes over and we work on her english. she’s my host family’s grand daughter, and her parents “hired” me to help her with her science homework, which is in english. she’s a little spitfire, but we have a good time… and today we ended up watching cat videos between learning about plant reproduction. (bad teacher)

8- some nights i go to institute, family home evening, finish up other homework, plan trips, debrief, adventure to the grocery store for more chocolate. it is so cheap here… and delicious.

9:30- dinner time! i am an old person who likes to eat at 8, 12, and 5 (4:45 would be sooooo perfect) so eating late in an adjustment. i usually end up eating some variety of eggs, asparagus, salad, eggs, soup, eggs, you get the idea. during dinner we usually watch some outdated dubbed english movie (last night it was delta force… chuck norris in his prime) or some other series.

11- 12 p- i usually try to go to bed…. but there is this crazy mosquito that has, no doubt, been in my room for SEVEN DAYS and won’t leave me alone. i hear him buzzing all around my head at night and it is disconcerting. i wake up with evidence of it’s existence all over my body on the daily. struggles. i tell you what!

there you have it! sprinkle a few trips to madrid in there, a booked trip to PARIS on the horizon, the casual jaunt in the plaza, trip to the grocery store, etc and you’ve got my exciting life down. last week was horribly cold and rainy, but this week is shaping up quite nicely! indian summer, anyone? the pictures above are just ones i snapped the other day while walking around- the first one is of the clock tower in the plaza de cervantes, the second is my front door, and the one right above is just a shot of the plaza. it is all beautiful-did i mention that i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else?

**also, if you have paris reccs, lay em on me! where are all the good croissants housed? where can i find me a man with a curly mustache painting on the seine? is that in france? spill thy guts!

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