4 octubre

it is october, and you know what that means?!

it means i FINALLY got my public transportation ticket for the month. and that means trips to madrid may now commence. and happy dances. and countless hours spent on the renfe pretending to listen to my ipod, but really trying to make heads or tails of other people’s conversations.

one day this week i woke up thinking i needed to spend the morning in el parque de buen retiro. it truly is one of my favorite places ever. the park is big and beautiful and there are demon fish that you can feed cheetos to. there is a good dose of runners and people working out on, no joke, adult playgrounds, roller bladers (seriously, so cool here), viejos dressed to the nines just walking, smoking, sitting, reading; you’ve got aerobics classes going in some corners, girls sunbathing in only their bras near the fountains, and handfuls of children, mostly sleeping in cadillac-esque strollers. let me just say that when people watching and changing leaves intersect, well, that is just my formula for sheer happiness.

also, it was about 80 degrees outside, and i was dressed like it was 8. what can i say? i was really feeling fall.

also, i found sweet potatoes today. fernando watched me from the kitchen door in awe (or confusion?)  as i prepped them in my special way…. if it isn’t boiled or fried, these spaniards don’t get it.

fourty minutes later, i was in in complete euphoria as i ate them with a fried egg and doused in ketchup. you see, i have a relationship with MY food, and absence is making this heart grow muuuuuuch fonder.

(but don’t worry about me too much, for the chocolate i keep buying is filling these cracks pretty easily.)

One comment

  1. Yeah for sweet potatoes! That park looks amazing and the leaves are literally blazing! Beautiful. Keep your shirt on though, would ya, honey? No bra sunbathing for Americanos…

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