things i never want to forget about pilar

pilar is my host mom. she is great… like really, great. and she has some of the best quirks. here’s my list thus far…

she wears this leopard print house mumu every day. every day i tell you! spaniards have a think for house clothes that they wear whenever they’re at home but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing outside the confines of their own house. that, complete with her pink house slippers and she is good to go!

her bones can tell when it is going to rain- like in all seriousness. she tells me accurately every time.

she is soooooooooo into politics. and ALWAYS opposes everything that is going on. my favorite phrases she yells at the tv? “OY OY OY OY OY OY PERO BUENO BUENO BUENOOOOOOO. FIJATE! FIJATE!” also, there is a lot of “TOMA YA!”s. this is usually followed by a rant about people not wanting to work and how stupids catalans are and i just nod and nod, even though i am pretty sure i don’t agree with what she is usually saying. (but i would never disagree with her right out, no siree)

after every meal she has a routine phrase. “en fin! a tomar un cafetito y descansarme” this signals the end of the meal. you don’t get between pili and her café.

she serves meals piping hot. like, virtually boiling. and even before the first bite hits my lips she wants to know how it is/if i need salt/lo que sea. i tell her it is delicious no matter how overcooked that broccoli is. i wouldn’t dare cross her. the other day my chinese roommate told her the tomato soup was acidy, and she just about had a fit, in the spanish lady way. she told him it wasn’t acidy, it was sweet! and if he was going to live in spain for five years, he’d have to get used to it. toma, ya!

she drinks non-alcoholic beer for fun.

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