some photos from the week

here is this week’s addition of “iphonography: the photos that almost got away”diana wearing a turban on top of the world in manzanares // fashionable choices upon “going out” // taking full advantage of the siesta // a shell signifying the caminos de santiago in alcalá // just that huge paella and me // one lone black pen in a sea of blue pens… spain must have something against black pens// pilar is under the impression i ONLY eat vegetables, so the largest and juciest green beans a la plancha were dinner. (so good!!) // the master and his paella in the gardenone of the exits to retiro park, ie one of my favorite places in the world (if you didn’t already know// fall leaves changing in retiro// the view of madrid’ sunset// my anime eyes and listening to bon iver (concert prep!) while wandering around madrid// diana on the swings, probably averting her eyes from all the children peeing in the park// it was a rough night// a skinned piglet// gran via view

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