the parisian bucket list

guys, as you’re reading this i am busy jaunting around paris. paris! this isn’t my first go around with france, but i’ve never been to paris, so it should be a good time. i’ve been practicing my french… but really all i ever remember in the moment is how to say je suis plombier… which is not the type of thing that ends up being super helpful in most situations. meh.

so anyway, this is my french bucket list for things i hope to do while i am away on vacances avec mis amis.

1. order a croissant in french.

2. eat a macaron… or two.

3. sit underneath the eiffel tower with some roquefort cheese and a crusty baguette

4. see the city from sacre coeur

5. take a stroll along the seine

6. have a conversation with a french person (with real words not including “i am a plumber” )

7. climb to the top of arc d’ triomphe

8. pose with a gargoyle at notre dame (and sing hellfire)

9. critique art at centre pompidou

10. sing “love her madly” to jim morrison at his grave in pere lachaise cemetary

11. hit up rue mouffetard for the street market

12. eat french onion soup

don’t miss me too much while i’m away. au revoir!

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