and just like that i’m back from my parisian jaunt

guys. paris was amazing.

the city really is just how i’d imagined it… only better. when i went to marseille and nice a few years ago, i left with a sour taste in my mouth. but france: paris edition was a completely different story. i thoroughly enjoyed myself- and all the french cliches were met!

people do really walk around in berets. women really are THAT skinny, and they all walk around in cool monochromatic outfits with edgy hair styles. every other person is wearing stripes. there really are creperies on every corner, and boulangeries crowding every street. the subways really do house  some foul individuals, and people do, in fact, pee on the platforms (rach stepped in it. HA!) men play the accordion on the street, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to listen to a full out orchestra while running to catch the train. there are no children or old people, just stylish people in their mid 20s to late 30s. men carry satchels. there are couples making out everywhere you turn. love is in the air, for pete’s sake! i saw no poodles, though. (and that was a letdown. i was on the watch!)

this week i am busy trying to get back to real life (well, real life: spain edition) and editing photos and writing posts on all the  french things we did. so, stay tuned. and grab a drink and a sandwich, because i am sure these next few posts will be some real doozies.

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