sacre coeur and place monge market

so the day my friends went to the louvre, i went on my own adventure to see the city from a basilica called sacre coeur. it is the highest point in the city, so you can get a pretty good view. since it had been raining there was quite a bit of cloud cover, but man… the place was still beautiful. paris is virtually flat, so you could see the entire city. sigh

my next stop was place monge, where there is a street market held tuesday, thursday, and sunday. there are few things i like more than markets, so i headed over to check out the food vendors, antique sellers, etc. it was so great! i bought a ginormous apple, a delicious flatbread filled with spices and herbs, and an old silk scarf from a woman wearing a huge red hat. all my purchases were great, but my favorite part about it all was my weak attempt at french the whole time. not one word of english, people! i used to think french people hate americans… and maybe that is still so… but they do love it when you make a fool of yourself trying to speak their language instead of demanding things in english! every time i walked away from a successful exchange of words, i walked away with the goofiest grin on my face. it was such a triumphant and euphoric feeling! so yes, this right here is a plug for everyone in the world to learn another language. to me it truly is one of the most beneficial skills one can acquire.

and with those words, i will say au revoir to posts about french. back to the spanish shenanigans we go! (where truly i have not done one single interesting thing this week. ah, the spain life!)

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