and it finally feels like fall

i’m both street smart and direction incompetent… which mostly means i’m prone to getting lost, and i’m not about to ask for directions. so this basically means that if i don’t have that little blue dot to follow around on my iphone (that somehow maps works on even though my phone is disconnected? THANK YOU IPHONE), then i’m kind of SOL. i find things by trial and error. i’m always looking for the sun, but then forgetting if it truly does rise in the east… so walking around madrid is always an adventure.last week, a friend told me about bikes you could rent, for free, in this park in madrid. diana was game (one of her shining qualities) so we trekked it up to the northern part of madrid one morning, enduring the longest metro ride of our lives, which was passed with an animated discussion of childbirth and this crazy book i’d been reading for one of my classes. (pushed,if you were wondering. don’t read it while on a bus. or after eating. or before eating. i mean, unless epistomies don’t phase you.) if those around us spoke english, well, sorry fellow metro riders!

anyway, we finally found the park, thanks to that little blue iphone dot, walked up to the counter to rent us some bikes…. and were shot down. evidently the bike lady was on vacation for the day. oh, and they wanted to hold our passports hostage, too… which we didn’t even have. fail. so after complaining to our new information desk friend for five minutes, we walked around the park, found the only fall-ish colored tree in madrid, and basked in the one of the only indicators of fall i’ve seen in the country thus far.

there is just something about fall. and juan carlos, WE WILL BE BACK FOR YOU. and we’ll ride your free bikes into the ground. *** and happy election day *** i’m an awful us citizen and i didn’t even vote, so i am just going to be a fly on the wall who predicts that obama sweeps, and then some some people on facebook are going to without a doubt say that him winning is a “sign of the end of days” or something like that. just wait. and this is why i love america.

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