photos from the week (actually the last two…)

last week there weren’t enough pictures to make a post worth it…. so today is like a photo binge i guess?

last week was great. i stayed close to home, so there were no crazy trips to the airport or hundreds of dollars spent (thank goodness. my poor wallet!). i met some new spaniards on the street and through an intercambio. i found new places to go running through the changing leaves. pilar and i bonded over buying lottery tickets and drinking nonalcoholic beer (which is vile, ps). during the weekend i shopped in madrid (again with that wallet thing) and critiqued art at the reina sofia modern art museum… which really meant i got sucked into watching “rear window” for an hour and a half on an uncomfortable bench in one of exhibits. (at this point i gravitate towards ANYTHING in english)watching obama’s acceptance speech. it was the strangest feeling waking up the morning after the election and having to google who the prez was // trees in retiro. traveling an hour roundtrip just to run in a park in madrid? worth it // i swear this fall could be called monsoon season… good thing i have this trusty raincoat for my runs (read: the only thing NOT soaked is my tshirt) // posing with the virgin mary at the universidad de alcalá // these are all i want for christmas, obviously. // making tortilla with the main ingredient: olive oil // our hostel in lisbon’s alcohol cabinet… right behind the front desk. // diana sleeping in our 5 star accommodations in lisbon… i can hear the squeaking bed from here.

streets of lisbon // old man pulley-ing up his groceries // spain from above… all the olive fields! my favorite part of flying over spain // lotto tickets for euromillon. we didn’t win, even though i bought them from the LUCKY estanco! // alcalá lit up at night and coming home from institute // my favorite house in alcalá // going to see a movie alone. i needed a dose of america! // zara. where savings accounts come to die.

my dinner. half a bag of frozen vegetables with an egg mixed in // spain cemetery i found on my run. so many flowers! and people are buried on top of eachother? // fall leaves. can’t get enough // and just like that it was winter in the plaza 😦 // storks in their nest on the top of town hall // waiting for the bus after church with these two crazy, hilarious, and adorable niños// chestnuts roasting on an open fire! (er… in the oven. still good)

that’s the last two weeks for ya! glamourous, eh?


One comment

  1. Waaaaay more glamorous than Boise, that’s for sure! I couldn’t tell what movie you went to…was it an American one?
    Love all the photos and the captions and the beautiful daughter in the photos!

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