some photos of the week

guys, it is almost navidad! lights are being put up in all the streets of alcalá, guys are selling roasted chestnuts on the corner (and corn on the cob, too, but we just won’t talk about that) and i’ve got the christmas fever…. which is not quite yet fulfilled, since christmas has integrity here…. like, the lights haven’t been turned on yet! i can’t believe they’re making me wait! anyway, til then, i am filling the void with christmas tunes. you can see my playlist below. it is great. not one single justin beiber.

croquetas full of spinach and cheese and pine nuts. i think i ate twelve. pilar kept egging me on!! also, vegetable soup. welcome to lunch // sneaking pictures of las meninas inside el prado. velazquez, that guy! // i went to a church activity to talk to the old spanish women… turns out i just ended up meeting an american expat and speaking english. oh well, at least i got some chocolate cake! // this week i spent lots of time dictating my recipes for pilar to copy. also, i always say CANELA when i mean MIEL and it is frustrating. // chocolateria san gines! best churros in madrid. mostly i just like the old time-y light// diana’s first churro. look at that utter delight!! // pumpin pie with my toughest critic (and when i say toughest, i mean this is him going in for slice número 2) // teaching pilar how to make pumpkin cookies. she’s hooked.

the christmas market is all up and running in madrid… basically a nativity expo, if you will. belénes mean business here, people! // my favorite caps store. i like to imagine that this guy is telling the woman which argyle he wants under the christmas tree // my thanksgiving feast! three cheers for warm and squishy foods! // just one example of the adorable children of spain. look at that hat. my heart! // vegetarian paella sunday. it is a tradition (meaning we have had it the last two weeks) // i love nice thigs even more when they’re at a discount! // public indecency in bethlehem? really? // spain has an obsession for two things: mustaches and english gibberish.

now let us cut to the tunes!


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