a trip out east: budapest

so i got a little bit ahead of myself talking about vienna yesterday. what i really need to do is talk a little bit about budapest.

first off, it is budaPESHT so get it right, people. the city is actually a combination of two old cities, buda + pest, which are separated by the great danube. there a couple pretty bridges that go over the river, and they surprisingly weren’t built until the mid 1800s. before then, people would just have to cross during the winter when the river was frozen over, and were prone to being stranded on the other side when a thaw happened. the first bridge, the chain bridge, was intitially built when one of the big wigs missed his brother’s funeral because he couldn’t cross the river. he decided he’d had enough! they were gonna build that bridge if it was the last thing they did!

anyway, budapest is a lot different from the other places i’ve been, from the language to the architecture to the demeanor of the people on the streets… for me, entering a new country for the first time is like… i don’t know… the only comparison i can think of is a newborn baby and that is a gross analogy, but it is true! everything is so bright and new and disorienting and you just want to cry a little bit until someone slaps you and feeds you. once i got over the initial shock however, i was pleasantly surprised at the ease at which i was able to navigate the city. everyone was really kind, even if the guy on the shuttle bus from the airport told me that madrid was much cooler than budapest and that only the homeless people took the metro. i am also thankful that they mostly all spoke english, too. it is safe to say that i am extremely glad that it is my native tongue…

anyway, the day started early on thursday, since i wanted to get the most out of my time before heading out on the bus. although it was only 8 am, people were spilling out of the metro, the cafes, the streets… not at all like spain, which is more of a ghost town before 9 am. i walked around heroes square, the museums, the park, and to the bathhouse… anyway, i will just let the pictures do the talking.  DSC_1697DSC_1691DSC_1696DSC_1693DSC_1705DSC_1710DSC_1703DSC_1720DSC_1726DSC_1728DSC_1721DSC_1731from the guy wearing the fur hat to the kids skating on the ice rink, the every-man-for-himself street crossing mentality to the use of the word “collegue”, the lightning quick metro escalators to the guards who look at your ticket every single time you try to get on a train… i took it all in, chewed it all up, and decided that hungary was leaving a very good taste in my mouth. (it is a good thing i was alone, because i would have been super annoying with all my food jokes i kept laughing at in my head. i apologize if any more slip out…)

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